Executive Coaching

Cerus International offers individual coaching of company executives. We base our services on extensive industrial and management experience, knowing the importance of culture in organizations. We develop sound evaluations and short lead times for feasible recommendations and sustainable solutions.

We help managers to develop a long-term perspective and career strategy. Our market knowledge, extensive network and active research in the employment market will bring the decisive competitive edge.

Cerus International career coaching is less about a new job search but rather helping through current challenges.

We believe the best approach to executive coaching is a combination of “internal-to-external” and “external-to-internal” perspectives.

The “internal-to-external” coaching focuses on individual drivers and goals:

  • Help leaders clarify their goals.
  • Gain insight into how beliefs, values and motivations drive behaviors.

The “external-to-internal” coaching focuses on organization goals:

  • Help leaders better understand what their organization defines as a success profile.
  • How others perceive them relative to that profile.

By integrating two coaching elements we help leaders transform performance at a personal, interpersonal and organizational level.

Cerus International coaching applies a structured, multi-step process using the following steps:

  • Insight: Increase awareness and understanding of self and others’ perceptions.
  • Motivation: Deploy personal motivation, clarify commitment and enlist support from others.
  • Skills: Acquire new knowledge and experience; build expertise and confidence.
  • Practice: Try and experiment with new behaviors to effect observable change.
  • Accountability: Integrate feedback to learn and achieve desired results in your work routines.